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Agrigarden has strong research background of CAAS, professional expertise team, rich social resources. Over decades, with strong academy & technology background and solid experience in finished projects, AgriGarden built up a comprehensive “modern agriculture plan constancy system”.”

The center is focusing on agricultural policy research and market analysis. It is strictly complied with the basic principles of "scientific, forward-looking, demonstrative, characteristic, marketability, operability and sustainable development", and has compiled integrated (special) agricultural development planning for nearly one hundred agricultural demonstration zones, has been highly praised by the central ministry, government of all levels and agricultural investors. AgriGarden provides a golden key for China's modern agricultural industrialization.

Our Service

AgriGarden provides whole supply chain service of modern industrial agricultural development for the government and enterprises. It helps to rationalize agricultural development ideas, specify the direction of agricultural development, planning agricultural development strategy.

Policy research, market analysis, industry orientation, industry sector layout, practical landing of the project docking, operation and management of program planning, the technology services of the whole supply chain, various of strategic cooperation.

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Yellow river delta hi-tech demonstration zone- incubator exhibition zone

The program is focusing on healthy planting process -- “seed to table” demonstration, including international advanced varieties, intelligent equipment, technology and production management model. The project is the new-generation of horticulture standard system, and the output platform of agriculture equipment, technology, human resources and service. We have the mission to solve the problems of low efficiency agriculture, backward equipment technology, and to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and product quality and efficiency. It is glorious mission for us to support and lead the development of China's horticulture iterative upgrade.
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