Agricultural Carnival: an industry pageant of urban agriculture
Since 2013, the annual Beijing agricultural Carnival has become a feature of agricultural brand represents the capital image, Beijing agricultural Carnival has become China's most successful urban agriculture and leisure agriculture industry event.
Under the background of accelerating agricultural modernization, Beijing agricultural carnival is a landmark model of urban agriculture development in China, which embodies the new pattern of urban modern agriculture 123 production integration development. In 2016 fourth Beijing agricultural Carnival reception up to 1 million 336 thousand and 100 passengers, a record high.
Ieda participate in fourth consecutive, fifth Beijing agricultural carnival, closely linked to “ innovation, harmony, green, open, shared ” concept of development, continue to explore and expand the urban modern agriculture realization form, development mode, operation mode, and will make a lot of very fruitful innovation. Through agricultural carnival, ieda opens a window understanding of city agriculture, urban agriculture, industrialized agriculture for the people of Beijing, present a new agricultural feast for the people, let the people who do not experience the same agricultural carnival.