Intelligent home garden, make plant easier and fun.
Agricultural science and technology to change life, through the comprehensive application of advanced agricultural science and technology, to create a comfortable green living environment, for people to bring high-quality spiritual and cultural life experience. The walls, balcony, living room, kitchen and other books, Home Furnishing space, the use of advanced agricultural science and technology in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, the wisdom of the family farm can realize the micro instant life experience, a variety of creative home gardening products add a bit of fun for the family.
The central concept of accessibility of smart home micro farm and actively practice, is committed to “ the natural home, ” make agricultural planting and convenient management, saving time and labor, the experience of modern agricultural wisdom even at home can be fun. Not only become a perfect place to grow healthy vegetables, or a fun environment. Into the family micro farm, you can feel the relationship between modern agriculture and healthy life, and feel happy, poetic home atmosphere.
The shuttle in the concrete jungle, tired and stiff and cold gray building furniture, natural and comfortable environment for poetic wisdom, family farms can create micro fresh and comfortable, quiet side of the land for their home.
A good life is not elsewhere, in the smart home micro farm.

Ieda in-depth study of market demand, focus on R & D, proficient in the design, to create a more suitable intelligent horticultural products of modern people.Through overseas direct mining, preferred supplier, dedicated plants, fleshy, flowerpot, matrix, fertilizer, gardening tools, gardening accessories etc., buy platform for gardening enthusiasts to create a one-stop.