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Connected with technology, the road closer to nature for education
With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization in China, young people generally lack the basic knowledge of agriculture and environment, while the vigorous development of modern agriculture is endowed with more cultural connotations and educational functions.
The use of family micro farms, rooftop farms and other modern urban agricultural forms, promote young people access to agriculture, experience agricultural production and agricultural culture. Through the combination of modern agriculture and science education, young people can understand the soilless culture of plants, plants, edible fungus cultivation, food safety and health of modern agriculture, also can observe the growth of light, water and temperature under the influence of the plant, guide the children close to nature, understanding nature.
Ieda and school jointly developed curriculum materials, training programs, providing students can participate in agricultural production or experimental places, let the students to participate in the training work, feel the joy of harvest. By providing children with more scientific, future sense of science education, establish a good relationship with food, health and the environment, enhance children's exploration desire, discovery desire, practical ability.